Sydney Jazz Hire

Live Jazz at Millers women’s clothing grand opening.

On Friday 4th July at 10.30am Sydney Jazz Company was contracted to perform at the opening Millers women’s clothing store for their brand new look store in Roselands Centro shopping Centro.

A large  crowd gathered for the big event as Mr Miller himself cut the blue ribbon to open the store.

Mark Howard (Double bass) John Blenkhorn(Acoustic Jazz Guitar) and Henry Holt (Tenor Saxophone) from Sydney Jazz Company performed Swing, Latin and Classic jazz standards to an appreciative audience. This trio has worked together well on many occasions and the combinations of bright, colourful, rhythmic sounds and grooves echoed like a gentle breeze through the shopping centre attracting customers

The music was a big drawcard and Millers had a successful day.Thank you Laura and all the crew from Millers we look forward to working with you again to promote your stores.

The great lineage of traditional and Modern Jazz

At Sydney jazz company our lineage to the great tradition of artists and bandleaders such as Art Blakey,Dexter Gordon, Clifford Brown, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane and the Blue Note recordings of the 50s and 60s is our pianist and composer Bobby Gebert and his associates.

This lineage goes right back to the roots of afro American Jazz, from the negro spiritual to the great musicians and trumpet mentors of the great Louis Armstrong  to Duke Ellington ,Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Mingus,Herbie Hancock.

On arrival in New York in the  early 1980s for his first visit Sydney Jazz Company’s Bob Gebert was offered a room with the great Pianist Walter Davis, pianist to Charlie Parker, Art Blakey and countless other greats, and at the same time his traveling companion Mark Simmons (teacher and mentor to saxophonist from Sydney Jazz Company Henry Holt) was getting lessons from George Coleman the great tenor saxophonist of Miles Davis.

Bob and Mark studied with their mentors and rubbed shoulders and played with  many great musicians of the time, at this time many of the great names from this golden age were still around and passing their knowledge. This was a time when jazz was generally not learnt in a curriculum or college book, but from the great lineage by mentors, teachers, listening and jamm sessions…

The genius composer and musician Duke Ellington once said “There are only two types of music. Good and Bad”

The lineage of the great and good jazz is one of studied, dedicated professionals who sacrificed their lives for their art and part of this lineage, always respected and understood their tradition with humility. New boundaries were always broken and always grounded in the lineage and forms passed down from the great to the great..

Only when Australians like Bobby Gebert and Mark Simmons travelled to New York studied and immersed and humbled themselves with the great players and the tradition was their lineage brought home to us. Australians who have been to New York have been humbled and when they return realise how little of that true lineage remains.

We at Sydney Jazz company carry the jazz tradition and strength of lineage into our music  for the best quality music available and your pure enjoyment.